Pre-School Program Description

What we believe... every child has a natural desire to learn more about their surroundings. At A Place To Grow, we believe in the stimulation of those natural gifts and incorporating socialization, structure, and routine. Problem solving and decision-making are considered central to the program.

Every child is given opportunities to express himself/herself in a creative and constructive environment through a range of choices. Children are given a variety of ways to work and play together. In order for the child to succeed in school and in the community, they must learn to respect rules and standards of behavior. Our educators are well trained, loving teachers who strive to bring these components to the classroom setting.

A Place To Grow
A Place To Grow

Successful social interaction is a key skill taught in our preschool. The use of proper words and the ability to use their own unique personalities towards a higher standard of social learning will allow each child to gain independence, confidence, and acceptance.

The learning skills that will be achieved through our program are boundless. Through song, reciting, and individual discovery centers, children quickly learn what can be the beginning of a successful journey in schooling.

Family and the home setting are what shape a child's success in school. Everyone is influenced by what is seen and heard, and the way they are treated. At A Place To Grow, our caring staff enjoys working with parents in helping their child grow and develop. Our preschool educators try to model the principle of lifelong learning to the children every day. Our team approach with parents is a unique way of thinking and learning together.

This will be the beginning of a wonderful and enjoyable adventure for every family!

Pre-School Daily Schedule

6:30-8:15 AMArrival/Free play
8:15-8:30 AMClean Up
8:30-9:00 AMWash Hands/All Snack
9:00-9:30 AMLarge Group(Circle Time, Music, Calendar, Activities. or Stories related to the Theme of the week)
9:30-10:00 AMSmall Groups, Journal Writing, Alphabet, Numbers
10:00-10:45 AMCenters(Art, Cooking, Science, Math, Listening, Manipulatives)
10:45-11:00 AMClean up, put toys away
11:30-12:00 PMWash Hands/Lunch
12:00-12:30 PMStory Time
12:30-1:00 PMBooks on Cots/Story Tape
1:00-3:00 PMQuiet/Nap Time
3:00-3:30 PMPut Away Cots/Quiet Activities
3:30-4:00 PMOutside Time (Weather permitting)
4:00-4:30 PMWash Hands/PM Snack
4:30-5:00 PMArt Activity/Free Art or Free Play
5:00-6:00 PMOutside Time (weather permitting)/Parents Arrive

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