Kindergarten Enrichment Program

Concepts & Objectives

The child will be able to identify their own name in print, recognize some lower and upper case letters, demonstrate letter information in "writing," demonstrate one-to-one correspondence when counting objects, sort order, and classify objects by one attribute (e.g. size, shape, color etc.), observe, explore and compare changes that animals and plants contribute to in their surroundings, gain information through participation in experiences with objects, media, books, and engaging in conversations with peers.

Curriculum Areas of Focus

Our Lesson planning and classroom activities will be based on Early Learning Content standards from the Ohio Department of Education. The following information categories serve as a framework for designing meaningful experiences within our kindergarten curriculam.


English/Language Arts

  • Phonemonic Awareness, word recognition and fluency
  • Acquisition of vocabulary
  • Reading Process: Concepts of print comprehension strategies, self-monitoring strategies and independent reading
  • Reading Applications: Informational, technical, persuasive and literary text
  • Writing Processes and Applications: Handwriting, spelling, punctuation and capitalization
  • Research
  • Communication: Oral and Visual


  • Number, number sense and meaning of operations
  • Measurement, geometry & spatial sense
  • Patterns: Functions, algebra, data analysis and statistical methods


  • Earth & Space Sciences: Universe and processes that shape the Earth
  • Life Sciences: Characteristics and structure of life, diversity and interdependence of life and heredity
  • Physical Sciences: Nature of matter and energy, Forces & Motion
  • Science and Technology: Understanding technology, abilities to do technological design
  • Scientific Inquiry
  • Scientific Ways of Knowing: Nature of Science, ethical practices, science & society

Social Studies

  • History: Chronology, daily life, heritage
  • People: Cultures
  • Geography: Location, places and regions, human environmental interaction
  • Economics: Scarcity and resource allocation, production, distribution
  • Government: Role of government, rules and laws
  • Citizenship rights & Responsibilities: Participation, rights and responsibilities
  • Social Studies Skills & Methods: Obtaining information, thinking and organizing, communicating information

* More specific information is available at APTG regarding how the educator will support & assist our kindergarten learners in the above areas. The information is provided directly from the Ohio Department of Education/Early learning Content Standards.

We are happy to receive any parent suggestions and appreciate any feedback you may have. You can reach us at, A Place To Grow, 614-793-1441.

A Place To Grow

Kindergarten Enrichment/Before & After School Daily Schedule

This is a very general schedule that is modified to fit each child's individual needs.

7:30-9:00 AMFree Choice, Morning Snack, School Transportation
9:00-9:30 AMMorning Circle Time: Literacy, Math & Gross Motor Activities
9:30-10:00 AMTable Time: MorningJournals & Table Activities
10:00-11:00 AMMorning Centers: Structured SmallGroupActivities & Creative Art
11:00-11:30 AMOutside Tim/Free Play
11:30-12:00 PMFree Choice
12:00-12:40 PMLunch Time
12:45-1:15 PMOutside Time
1:15-1:45 PMCircle Time: Calendar, Weather, Theme Related Stories
1:45-2:15 PMCreative Art
2:15-2:45 PMAfternoon Academic Centers
2:45-3:30 PMQuiet Games and Play Centers
3:30-4:00 PMOutside Time
4:00--4:30 PMAfternoon Snack
5:00-5:30 PMOutside/Free Play

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