Welcome to the Infant Room!

We look forward to working with you and getting to know your infant. We stress the importance of open communication between parents, teachers, and administrators. Please feel free to ask questions and share your concerns, and we'll do our best to work together. We work with each infant on his/her own schedule and prefer to feed children on demand. At this age, children go through a variety of growth spurts and are often on different medications. We've learned that from week to week or even day to day, babies' appetites and interest in certain foods vary.

A Place To Grow

We encourage a holistic approach to child development. Therefore, we work to assist your child through the use of developmentally appropriate practices in many areas. Included in these are:

  • Physical Development: We encourage milestones, such as rolling over, sitting up, crawling, pulling up to a standing position, walking, and feeding
  • Emotional Development: We provide a loving, nurturing, and trusting environment. We encourage expressions of emotion (especially smiles!)
  • Social Development: We provide the opportunity for your child to play beside and with other children, to interact with teachers, and to learn appropriate ways of interacting with others.
  • Cognitive Development: we provide the opportunity to learn intellectual skills, i.e.: simple cause & effect, and recognition of familiar objects. This is done through the use of toys, books, pictures, and simple developmental activities.
  • Sensory Development: In addition to toys, books, music, and tapes, we also do edible art projects with older infants. These "messy play" activities include: Cool-Whip, icing, Jell-O, and pudding.
A Place To Grow

Infant 1 Daily Schedule

This is a very general schedule that is modified to fit each child's individual needs.

6:30-9:00 AMBreakfast (per each child's individual needs).
9:00-11:00 AMDaily Enrichment Activities •. Naps as needed. * Each Infant has an individual Daily Enrichment Plan.
11:00-1:00 PMLunch (per each child's individual needs). Naps as needed.
1:00-3:00 PMOutdoor Play (weather permitting), Naps. Daily Enrichment and Free Play.
3:00-4:40 PMSnack (per each child's individual needs)
4:30-6:00 PMDaily Enrichment and Free Play
•Each Infant has an individual Daily Enrichment Plan. It covers Language Arts, Sensory Play, Motor Skills, Cognitive Play, and Music/Movement

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